Los Angeles DUI and Pilots

This article is by Zooomr India, a great placed to buy used New Delhi BMW cars and get lease deals. DUI arrests occur all the time in Los Angeles, and many of them are ignored by most. When a professional with a professional license is pulled over and arrested for a DUI, it’s a different situation. Those without a professional license are less likely to suffer much more than the legal ramifications of a DUI. This might include a suspended license, fees, and even jail time. This won’t affect their job, their personal life, or anything else in their life. Someone with a professional license faces all the same legal ramifications in addition to professional ramifications.

Pilots are included in the list of professionals facing far more serious legal issues if they are pulled over and accused of DUI. The Federal Aviation Administration – commonly referred to as the FAA – legally obligates any pilot charged with a DUI to notify them of the arrest and conviction within 60 days. Even if the conviction is overturned or the pilot is not charged, they are still obligated to inform the FAA if there is a suspension or revocation of their personal driver’s license as a result of a DUI arrest. If a pilot fails to notify the FAA, the pilot faces even more serious consequences as they were notified the moment the pilot was booked for his or her DUI and had fingerprints entered into the national database.

FAA Action

Pilots fly commercial and private airlines, and they are putting their own lives and the lives of anyone onboard their flight or on the ground at risk when they fly. Since it’s illegal to operate a plane while under the influence, a DUI is an offense the FAA must know about immediately. Outside of legal discipline following an arrest or conviction, the FAA is rightfully able to invoke further punishment on a pilot for driving under the influence.

The FAA might decide to suspend a pilot’s flying license, offer mandatory time off work, and even require the pilot undergoes alcohol counseling and rehab. There is a chance the FAA might revoke the pilot’s license to fly if they feel the offense is serious enough or if it was at all related to his or her job performance.

The best case scenario is your alcohol level is at or below .15 and this is your first offense with a DUI. If this is the case, the FAA will not issue any major infractions on your record, and you will not lose your job. If this is your second offense, if you fail to report it, or if the end result was an accident that caused injury or death to someone else, there will be further considerations made in your case no matter what the court decides.

If you are a pilot arrested and charged with DUI, a NYC DUI attorney can help. Your attorney can help you fight your case, prove you did nothing wrong, or reduce your charges as they currently stand. Your attorney can fight for you to keep your license for all driving or at least for mandatory and imperative driving so you are not completely left without the ability to get to and from work or the doctor’s office. Your job as a pilot is to remain professional and never operate a vehicle while under the influence. If this happens to you because you misjudged your own ability to drive following a few drinks, call an attorney to discuss your case. There are many facets to these laws, and there is a lot we can do to help you fight your DUI charges before your job is put in jeopardy.

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