What will I have to do if the insurance company does pay for my injuries?

Here’s an article from WaistKarma.com, a retailer of waist trainers. Car accidents are an unfortunate part of life in New York City and other cities. Distracted driving, fatigued driving, and just plain bad driving often put victims in ambulances, hospitals, and sadly, caskets. For those victims who survive a tragic crash, there can be a lifetime of medical bills ahead for them. Our NYC personal injury lawyers encounter these tragic cases far too often. In many cases, victims end up losing their cars/car leases. In almost every case, we see damage to the car, including things like broken LED glass, There are times when insurance pays for the initial medical bills that are incurred because of the accident. When an NYC personal injury law firm files your lawsuit, it’s our job to protect your settlement from insurance companies.

Insurance companies often try to take part of your settlement to recoup their costs during your recovery. This is a legal gray area and it will take a skilled lawyer to defend your settlement from big insurance companies. The logic is that since the insurance companies paid for some of your medical bills, they should be entitled to some of your settlement money to make up for their contribution. The problem is that YOU’RE the one incurring the legal fees, you’re the one giving part of your settlement to a lawyer, and you’re the one who went through the horrific pain and suffering of the accident.

What Will I Have To Do If The Insurance Company Does Pay For My Injuries?

In some cases, insurances will aggressively pursue money from your settlement. Your lawyer will again go to work for you to protect this money from the insurance companies. Keep in mind that many hospitals also try to seek money from your settlement, too, and judges have had to issue very strong statements about these practices. As a victim, you’ve already been through enough. Once you win your settlement, it’s not right that people begin scraping away at your money.

Our NYC personal injury attorneys are just as aggressive in these cases, fighting for your settlement money against hospitals, doctor’s offices, and insurance companies who go after your settlement money. They have not fought long and hard in court for your settlement. They contributed nothing to the lawsuit that resulted in your settlement money, yet they are still trying their best to get additional money from your settlement. Don’t worry.

Our personal injury lawyers are the best in the business at protecting your settlement money from the insurance companies, hospitals, and doctor’s offices who pursue it. While there are times when insurance companies do in fact have a right to recoup some of their costs, in the majority of cases there are legal methods to keep them from taking your settlement money. At the very least, there are limits to what and how much they are allowed to recoup from a settlement.

If you’re concerned about your settlement money being depleted by the insurance companies and healthcare institutions that you’ve dealt with during the traumatic experience of your accident, please call our offices. We are seasoned veterans at these types of cases, and we’ve seen about every trick in the book tried by healthcare agencies and insurance companies. We know exactly how to negotiate with and use the laws on this subject to our advantage.

Long story short, if the insurance company pays for your injuries, you might face a claim from them trying to get their money back by taking some of your settlement. That’s why it’s important to maintain contact with your lawyer after the settlement and contact them again if some of these companies tries to take your money away from you after all you have been through to obtain it. Don’t sit back and let them take the money you suffered for. Call our offices today and let us protect and defend the settlement money you earned by aggressively pursuing the negligent people or agencies who led to your pain and suffering.

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