Best Places to Kayak Near Me

Do you love outdoors and wondering some of the best places to go kayaking? Most people that love the waters are always wondering of the best places to go kayaking near them. Searches of the best places to kayak near me are common as people look for a convenient kayaking place. However, this does not mean you can limit yourself to water bodies near you. There are so many and much better kayaking places out there to try.

The ideal or kayaking a few miles from your home does make sense. However, the fun is in kayaking in some of the best spots in the worlds. These are inspiring places with white waters and other excellent features. It is time you got out of your comfort zone and explored the world. There is the fear of traveling far, but that should not be an excuse. All the best kayaking spots in the world have places where you can hire a kayak and other safety accessories. The only thing you need is to get yourself there.

In this post, we are going to help you find the top kayaking destinations in the world. However, before you visit any destination, make sure you do your research and have as much information about the place as possible. Some of the crucial information to collect includes:

  • Location information: Make sure you have the GPS coordination and driving directions
  • Type of water body
  • Parking
  • Fees
  • Facilities
  • Safety notes
  • Comments from community paddlers

Such information will get you prepared for unexpected eventualities. Kayaking is no different from any outdoor activity. You need to make ample plans and have everything ready. Get to know whether the water body is calm or rough? What about the fees to hire a kayak? Read more at about the ideal methods for hiring or buying a new kayak! Getting as much information as possible on every destination will ensure you have an amazing experience.

Here are Leading Kayaking Spots to Try This coming Holiday

Kayaking in Colorado

When it comes to the most relaxed and adventurous kayaking spots, Colorado has it all to offer. There are several amazing rivers, experiences, and sights to give you a thrilling experience. You can start your day in the Animas River. This is a breathtaking river with an amazing boating experience that will create lasting memories. This river provides an immense water point, especially in the months of June. The water levels go decreases towards the end of June and July for calm individual kayaking.

However, if you’re looking for a beautiful shoreline, then head to Arkansas River. This is another exciting locating with a smooth cascading river of up to 147 miles of consistent movement. Colorado is also homes to some of the most adventurous lakes. Some of the lakes here include the Body Lake, Bear Creek Lake, and Blue Mesa Reservoir. Other places to try out include the Browns Canyon, Buena Vista Park, and the Chatfield Reservoir.


For those looking for a more thrilling experience with rough waters, then you need to visit Ottawa. The Ottawa River in Canada is by far one of the best kayaking places if you don’t like a calm experience. Here, the river features huge waters and amazing waves that will test your nerves. However, this should not scare you. Ottawa River stands out as one of the safest big rivers to go kayaking in the whole world. It is a perfect location for beginners and experts. The river has areas with calm waters and others with rush waters.

Big waves and snow melting can be experienced in spring. Summer brings rapid waves, and this is the best time for most families. The river is usually filled with people of all ages during the summer.

Kenai Fjords National Park in Wild Alaska

This is another top kayaking destination with a rugged shoreline measuring up to 750 nautical miles. If you’re looking to enjoy sea kayaking, then head to Alaska. This is a perfect place for adventurous paddlers to have an amazing time and enjoy amazing sceneries. You can easily explore the remote wilderness of the Park. One of the amazing places in the National Park is where the see meets the glaciers. This is the only place where you can find the remnants of the ice age.

If you’ve thought of kayaking to hidden caves, the Kenai Fjords National Park is your best location. Here, you can easily kayak into uncharted territories and uncover hidden caves. You can also pass giant floating icebergs giving you an experience of a lifetime. If you’re lucky enough, you can even encounter a sea lion or humpback whale.

The Greek Island of Crete

If you’re looking for calm and crystal blue waters to relax as you paddle smoothly, the consider heading all the way to Greece. Crete’s Southern Coast in Greece is another amazing kayaking destination with a lot to offer. The Island offers more than just the cool waters. You get to experience some of the most beautiful sceneries in the world. This Island has a jagged coastline and a mountainous landscape that will leave you thrilled. You can enjoy a cool and relaxing day on the sandy beach after a long day kayaking.

There are several sea caves the makes the experience more thrilling. Move from one village to the next as you enjoy the cool breeze of the sea. This is a ripe area ready for any type of kayaking adventure. There are also several good hotels close with affordable rates.

Fijian Islands

Fiji is a country with more than 300 Islands, which makes it a perfect kayaking destination. It is preferred by most people as the kayak’s paradise with several amazing features. This is an exciting place that combines the calm South Pacific waters with the warm tropical climate. It is a fish-laden Island that entices paddlers to jump out of their kayaks for some snorkeling experience. Get out of your kayak and enjoy the amazing fish varieties in this Island.

Fiji is home to many paddlers across the world and one to visit this coming holiday. The location is extremely safe, and you can kayak even at night and set up a tent close to the waters.

Halong Bay, Vietnam

If you’re visiting Vietnam as a tourist, then the Halong Bay is one of those must-see places. However, this place has a lot more to offer for paddlers. The bay features some gigantic limestone islets coming from the emerald rivers to give you a once in a lifetime experience. The bay has a lot to offer with sea kayaker reveling in places where large boats descend. You can combine your day with fishing in the villages and get to explore the wide range of fish varieties in the bay.

Halong Bay is also home to some hidden lagoons and caves where you can simply relax and enjoy nature.


This is the home for fish kayaking in the US. Wisconsin is a mecca for calm paddlers and fishing experts. The state has several places to kayak for beginners and experts kayakers. Your day can start in the popular Apostle Island where you will pass through caves and sandstone shorelines. You will need proper preparation as kayaking in this lakeshore will take about two and half hours. All equipment needed is provided, and one does not have to be an expert to kayak here. You can also decide to go to Flambeau River State, which has several stretches.

The state offers a more relaxed experience in the Mighty Pine where you can also see wildlife, farmland, and stretches of rock. There is also the Apostle Island, which is relatively safe for kayaking with children. Renting kayaks here is cheap and pretty easy. There are just so many areas in Wisconsin where you can kayak safely making it a great destination.

New Zealand

New Zealand brings us to the end of the best places near you to go kayaking. This is a paradise of kayaking with a wide range of thrilling experiences. The Island offers almost all types of kayaking grades in the same place. You can head to the North and enjoy the real forest experience. Here, you will find beautiful rivers cutting their ways through tree line gorges. However, when you head south, you get a completely opposite experience.

The South features perfect hill and mountain surroundings. This is a classic kayaking location that will give you privacy. It is a lesser-known area but one that will give you an amazing kayaking experience.

Final Verdict

These are the best kayaking destinations for every kayaking enthusiast to try. The destinations are filled with beautiful sceneries that will create lasting memories. Depending on the experience you’re looking to achieve, get one of these places to your must-do-list.

You can be sure of a fun-filled time with friends and family. Kayaking is fun, enjoyable, and one that can make you travel far. Don’t limit your experience to that river or lake near you. Be adventurous and travel far in search of wilder kayaking experience.

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