The Health Benefits of Calories in Grapes

Grapes are highly nutritional and should be included in your diet. Eat as a snack, in salads or wine, get the value and health benefits of calories in grapes.

Calories in Grapes
Calories in Grapes

Grapes are a very tasty treat to have at any time of the day. If you are on a low-calorie diet then you are probably keen to know the nutritional value of the fruit. We are going to look at the health benefits of calories in grapes and why it should be eaten regularly.

People consume grapes in many different forms such as the whole fruit or in wine as grapes are used to make so many different types of wine. Grapes are also great as they come in different flavors from sour grapes to sweet ones.

Nutritional value of grapes

There is a lot of sugar and carbohydrate content in grapes which is something that anyone who is on a low carbohydrate diet must take into consideration. One grape is known to contain about 1 gram of carbohydrate which demands that you limit the quantity of grapes you eat to about 15 grapes, medium sized.

However, grapes are a great source of vitamin C which helps to repair worn out body tissues as well as increasing your body’s immunity. B-vitamins in grapes help with regulating metabolism as well as strengthening nails and hair.

Vitamin K which is very important in helping to keep bones strong and also helps your blood to clot in the event that you are bleeding.

What are the health benefits of grapes?

The following are just some of the health benefits that you get from consuming grapes:

benefits of grapes
benefits of grapes
  • They reduce your risk of getting cancer

Grapes contain a number of antioxidants and one of them is polyphenols which has the properties of an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Resveratrol is a polyphenol that is found in grapes skins and it acts as an anti-inflammatory.

Studies have shown that resveratrol helps to slow down the growth of tumors or even prevent tumor growth in certain areas of the body such as stomach, liver, lymph, skin, and colon and even prevent leukemia.

Taking red wine in moderation can also help prevent cancer as it has been proven to contain resveratrol. Women are advised to take one glass of red wine per day while men should drink only two glasses in a day.

  • Grapes help to maintain healthy blood pressure levels

Grapes contain a lot of potassium which helps to reduce the negative effects brought about by consuming too much salt. As you well know by now, salt is one of the factors that increase your blood pressure and thus the potassium in the grapes will ensure that your blood pressure remains normal.

The fiber in the grapes is also great at ensuring that your heart remains healthy and thus prevent an increase in blood pressure.

  • They keep your heart healthy

Studies have proven that resveratrol and quercetin contained in grapes help prevent atherosclerosis and it also prevents damage to the heart caused by cholesterol. Take care of your heart with grapes and live an active, long and healthy life.

  • They help prevent constipation

Grapes are high in fiber which helps in preventing constipation. Grapes also help to keep your body hydrated which is also very important in maintaining healthy bowel movement.

  • Helps prevent Type II diabetes

Eating grapefruits helps to prevent adults from getting Type II diabetes. This is because they contain high fibers, vitamins, and minerals which help you satisfy your sweet tooth in a much healthier way. Please, ensure that you consume a moderate amount of grapes as they contain a lot of sugar.

  • They help reduce allergy symptoms

The resveratrol and quercetin contained in grapes have anti-inflammatory properties which enable them to reduce the effect of allergy symptoms. They alleviate symptoms such as watery eyes, hives, and runny nose.

  • It is used in acne treatment

Studies have shown that grapes can be used as a topical treatment of acne when used together with benzoyl peroxide.

Drinking red wine has also been shown to help keep your skin looking younger and more vibrant.

  • Keeping your eyes healthy

The lutein and zeaxanthin contained in grapes help maintain the health of your eyes. These antioxidants are said to have the ability to neutralize free radicals which can cause damage or stress to the retina of your eyes. They also help prevent the formation of cataracts.

Resveratrol helps to protect you from getting a number of different eye problems such as glaucoma, macular degeneration related to aging, cataracts etc.


It is clear that grapes have very many benefits to one’s health. The calories in grapes make it necessary for you to limit the number of grapes you consume in a day.

The sugar and carbohydrate content in grapes is really high especially if you are on a low carbohydrate diet and thus you should take half a cup of grapes a day so as to gain the most benefits from these fruits.

Grapes have anti-inflammatory properties which help to keep your blood pressure normal as well as reducing allergic reactions. This is very important in ensuring that you get sufficient quality sleep during the night. High blood pressure and allergic symptoms are known causes of insomnia and getting rid of them will help you sleep better.

Red wine is another form in which grapes come in and can help the person consuming with losing weight because it is rich in antioxidants. Drinking red wine is also good for the skin but like any alcoholic drink, must be in moderation otherwise it can cause health problems and make sleeping disorders worse.

You can consume grapes on a daily basis by adding them to your diet either slicing them and adding to your salad or making fruit cocktails that contain grapes and any other fruits you like for example strawberries and peaches.

I hope you will include grapes in your diet so that you may enjoy the great nutritional benefits of grapes.

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